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Fast Medical Billing
  • Professional Support
  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies
  • More consistent cash flow
  • Less money & time spent on reimbursement
  • Better follow-up on problem claims

About Accelerated Medical
Billing & Constulting

Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting specializes in electronic billing. All insurance claims are processed through a nationally recognized clearinghouse. With our clearinghouse options and edit and audit features we eliminate overlooked, late and inaccurate billings. Our billing services take away the aggravation and stress of manually filing claims, allowing you time to concentrate on building your practice with these services and more.

Our additional medical billing services cover the full reimbursement cycle. We can manage your patients’ accounts, record transactions, follow up on monies due, provide detailed financial reports on your practice and also pre-authorize your patients. By shortening your reimbursement cycle, reducing administrative and clerical cost and eliminating postage on claims you can justify our billing services in no time. Considering our affordable fees and our dedication to service, we can truly benefit your practice. Our medical billing service is confident that you will benefit from our billing services.

Our medical billing services can reduce your employee expense be elimination of: 1. in-house billing employee salaries; 2. employees sick days, vacation, and health insurance; 3. workers compensation.

Our medical billing services accommodates every specialty in the health field; i.e., Physicians, Dentist, DME, Chiropractic, Psychologist, Physical Therapist, Ambulance, and Hospital, Optometry, Nursing Home, Home Health, Specialty Doctors. Our billing service uses sophisticated technology that scrutinizes your claim just like a carrier does, so your reimbursement won't be compromised or delayed by coding errors.

Our unique personal approach is what sets up apart from other billing services.

How We Work...

Please read the following information as it will tell you the foundation of how we work. Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any further questions or comments.

  • Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting's staff regularly communicates with your office to
    ensure that the practice's charges are submitted daily, as well as to discuss
    authorizations, insurance benefits, remittances, rejections and unpaid claims issues.
  • Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting receives the charge data from your office(s)
    through e-faxing or (ASP) direct connection to our site.
  • Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting monitors the primary, secondary and patient
    payments, and responds to all calls from third-party payers and patients. We handle
    these contacts professionally and thoroughly, reporting any problems or complaints
    to you immediately.
  • Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting will transmit claims electronically whenever
    possible & file paper claims with reports as required by the payers. Tracking of all open claims will ensure appropriate follow-up, which yields reimbursements in a timely manner.
  • All checks are paid directly to your office. EOBs and copies of checks are sent to our
    office for accounting by e-fax daily or once a week via USPS Priority Mail.
  • Delinquent Accounts are generally handled through a 45-day series of statements
    and "opportunity to pay" period. If unpaid, a phone call is placed to the patient
    reminding them of their balance. Beyond this, Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting will
    establish a customized collection process for your clinic. This may include listing
    delinquent accounts with a credit-reporting agency, such as Credit World, or referral
    to an attorney.
  • Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting's Account Manager meets periodically with you to analyze practice reimbursement. These consultations will serve to continually refine
    your billing system, and, ultimately, to expedite cash flow. For example, our research
    and development team may suggest improvements related to your billing codes,
    modifiers, diagnosis codes, and regulatory changes in reimbursement and/or benefits.
  • Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting will invoice your clinic either bi-monthly or at the
    end of each month for a percentage of your monthly collections. If you don't get paid,
    we don't get paid.

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