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Fast Medical Billing
  • Professional Support
  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies
  • More consistent cash flow
  • Less money & time spent on reimbursement
  • Better follow-up on problem claims

Accelerated Medical Billing
& Consulting Services

Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting offers billing service and software for Physicians, Chiropractic, Physical Therapist, Dentist, DME, Psychologists, Ambulance, Optometry, Home Health, Nursing Home, Specialty Doctors, Hospitals, Veterinarians, and Attorney.

Our billing service provides free support to our billing customers, although day sheets Reports and training are available at a nominal fee. Our billing service have billing software for you to purchase and will be set up on your computer, so your staff can enter all pertinent information and the information can be synchronize with our database. This way you will always have current information. Our billing service forwards all data to our clearinghouse, retrieves all reports for edits and audits and forwards them to payers in the same day.

Our Error-Free Claims System possess on-the-spot editing and audit feature, making it next to impossible to make a mistake. Claims rejection as a result of inaccurate coding is a problem of the past. Our billing service strengthen your cash flow, by processing your insurance claims electronic and are normally in the insurance carrier’s computer within 24 hours of transmission. Our medical billing electronic claims processing can reduce reimbursement time from months to 7 to 21 days. Our billing service can save you an average of 40-60% on your current cost. How much can your office save by us doing a free Cost Claims Analysis? If only 10% of your procedure codes are inaccurate, you are losing 10% of your cash flow or at best you are being underpaid for your services---and those payments are usually delayed!

Three ways your practice can benefit from using Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting Service:

full practice billing image
Full Practice Billing
Fax it through our fax machine with no paper leaving your office or using our special software to transfer information. Our billing service enter the information into our computers and bill the payers the same day. Our billing service post all payments to your patient account and bill your patient co-insurance or co-pays. Our medical billing service would retrieve all reports for edits and audits and the extensive follow-up service. Our billing service has different means of getting information on your claims. Our medical billing service would include many different reports customized just for you.

calculator image
Basic Claims Billing
Our medical billing service will collect and enter all data into our computers. Send information to the clearinghouse the same day, retrieve all reports for audits. The only different on basic is that we do not bill your patient account.
money in hand graphic
Accounts Receivable
Our billing service can help with old insurance claims. Our billing service will take your uncollected claims and check for coding and other errors and resubmit them for payment. Our medical billing service account receivable service can turn your uncollected receivable into cash.

Let us provide you with a free Procedure Code Analysis and a Cost Claims Analysis by calling us at 816-228-8768 for a convenient appointment.

Find Accelerated Medical Billing

The Solution
Is Electronic Claims Processing!

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1 Claims Processing Center
- Physician gives the Claims Processing Center their superbill.

Step 2 Clearinghouse
- Claims Processing Center Transmits the Physician’s claims to the clearinghouse.

Step 3 Insurance Payer
- Clearinghouse then sends the edit claims to the Insurance Payer electronically.

Step 4 Physician
- Insurance Payer then sends the payment directly to the Physician.


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