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Fast Medical Billing
  • Professional Support
  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies
  • More consistent cash flow
  • Less money & time spent on reimbursement
  • Better follow-up on problem claims


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Julie Burd went after my money with the resolution and determination of a Samurai Warrior going into battle. I was able to recoup on accounts receivable that I was about to write off for good, since they were nearly one year old. I wish that I had contracted with her sooner.

Dr. Maura Conry, Pharm D, LCSW, LSCSW

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Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting is without a doubt the best billing service I have ever used for my practice. I cannot speak highly enough of Julie and her company. I was very lucky to find her, and will never work with another billing service. She is very easy to work with, very prompt and diligent, and goes above and beyond in her efforts in my opinion. I have absolutely no complaints about her service. I wish I would have found her years ago.

Dr. Donald Hinton, MD

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Julie Burd and her company, Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting, have done my billing for nearly 2 years. My billing can be broken down into Before Julie and After Julie. Before Julie, my billing was a mess. I had tried to let friends do my billing (they assured me they knew what they were doing) but it had been a disaster. Then, I went with a new company where the owner had many years of experience working for someone else but the new owner didn't have the skill set to run a company. Enter Julie, after looking at my billing, she immediately pointed out what needed fixed. It took some time to straighten things out, but once things were fixed, the billing went through and cash came into my bank account. Julie excels in problem solving messed up billing. She can handle the changes in billing rules with one hand tied behind her back. She is also very good helping patients and their families work through billing issues.

Julie has allowed me to continue practicing medicine and not worry about the billing. I will be forever grateful.

Kathy Kinder MD

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Before opening my own practice, I practiced in a clinic that hired numerous people to perform billing. It was the same old story with every person they hired - bad coding, slow processing of claims, never seeing the money for the services performed, and an overall bad attitude about billing in general.

Let's face it, in a small business, it's all about cash flow. When I opened my own practice, I swore I would outsource my billing to someone who is trained in only how to bill. And that is exactly what I did. Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting has been a godsend! Awesome coding, fast electronic processing of claims, seeing all the money for my services, great attitudes, and at a great price to boot! Thank-You Accelerated Medical Billing & Consulting!!

Chris Leonardi D.C.

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Before I found Accelerated Medical Billing, I'd had nothing but years of frustration with supposed "billing professionals" who seemed to write off more than they collected, then charged me a hefty fee on top of it. I practice oral & maxillofacial pathology, both clinical and microscopic aspects. It is a specialty of dentistry with which most people are unfamiliar. Other billing agents would run into the inevitable problem of billing my services to medical insurance, though they were provided by a "dentist" (I have a DDS). This severely limited my reimbursement, and seemed to sufficiently inconvenience billing agents enough that they generally quit after 1-2 years.

Julie Burd and Accelerated Medical Billing have gone straight after this problem for me, with great results. Julie's straightforward, thorough, detail-oriented business practices have produced results I never thought possible. I am seeing payments on accounts I thought were long dead and were to be written off. I wish I had found Accelerated Medical Billing 5-7 years ago! Julie Burd is a magician at getting health care professionals paid promptly and fairly. I am fortunate she wants to work with us.

Dr Brad Seyer

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I have never had such peace of mind about my billing being done consistently and accurately since I started my practice over 10 years ago. Your company's ability to collect every dollar that is actually owed to me. There has been almost a 10% increase in my income and I couldn't be happier!  My stress level is down to zero and just enjoy coming into the office, sitting down helping clients, while you help me.

Thank you, Thank you.
Holly K. Klein LSCSW

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